Thursday, January 8, 2009

Press Release:

Canadian Punjabi Writers from Pakistan

Canadian Punjabi Literature’
-by Sukhinder

Dear Canadian Punjabi Writers from Pakistan:
I am writing a book:
‘Canadian Punjabi Literature’ .
In this book, I am writing articles on the 52 Canadian Punjabi writers.
These articles will be based on the books published by these Canadian Punjabi writers.
This book, I am writing in two languages: Punjabi and English.
In this way, I will be publishing two books: One in English and the other in the Punjabi language.
So far, I have written articles on the following 20 Canadian Punjabi Writers:
Ravinder Ravi (Poet) (B.C.)
Gurcharan Rampuri (Poet) (B.C.)
Jarnail Sekha (Novelist) (B.C.)
Sadhu Binning (Poet) (B.C.)
Sukhminder Rampuri (Poet) (B.C.)
Paul Dhillon (Poet) (B.C.)
Gill Moranwali (Poet) (B.C.)
Major Singh Nagra (Poet) (Ontario)
Gurdial Kanwal (Poet) (Ontario)
Kulwinder Khaira (Poet) (Ontario)
Bhupinder Dulle (Poet) (Ontario)
Mohan Gill ((Poet) (B.C.)
Pushap Deep (Poet) (Ontario)
Manjit Meet (Poet) (B.C.)
Mittar Rasha (Poet) (Ontario)
Tarlochan Singh Gill (Novelist) (Ontario)
Pritam Singh Dhanjal (Poet) (Ontario)
Harbhajan Singh Mangat (Poet) (B.C.)
Jasbir Kalrvi (Novelist) (Ontario)
Balbir Momi (Ontario)
As a Canadian Punjabi writer from Pakistan, if you have published your books of Poetry, Novel, Short Stories, Prose or Interviews – if you can send me a copy of your latest book published then I can consider your name also among the Canadian Punjabi Writers to be included in my forthcoming book:
‘Canadian Punjabi Literature’.

This book will be launched in Canada on: ‘July 1, 2010’ on the ‘Canada Day’.

With best wishes:
Editor: SANVAD
Producer, Director & Host: ‘Jagde Raho’, Punjabi Radio Program
Box 67089, 2300 Yonge St., Toronto ON M4P 1E0 Canada
Tel. (416) 858-7077

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